Genmaicha sorbae

We've teamed up with our favourite artisanal matcha brand, Niko Neko, to create a dairy-free Genmaicha sorbet!

This Genmaicha powder is a special blend of Niko Neko’s signature artisan Kabusecha (shaded green tea) with roasted brown rice called Mokuren. 


Genmaicha Powder is a special composed blend of Niko Neko signature artisan Kabusecha (Shaded Green Tea) with roasted brown rice, finely stone-ground into a delicate powder.

The freshness of the artisan Kabusecha is perfectly balanced by the amberly smoky fragrance of roasted brown rice, resulting in an exquisite harmonious contrast of Umami sweetness and toasty richness.

sorbae series

Typically, sorbets are made from water and fruits. This range of sorbaes are refreshing to say the least.

Typically, sorbets are made from water and fruits. This range of sorbaes are refreshing to say the least. They contain no additional colourings to bring out the variety of colors we see here!​​

  • Blood Orange Sorbae

  • Passionfruit Sorbae

  • Raspberry Sorbae

  • Mango Sorbae

  • Pink Guava Sorbae

creamy sorbae series

You won't be able to tell that these flavours are dairy-free! Our Cacaonut Sorbae, Crunchy Choc Sorbae and Nutty Banana Sorbae are so good, you'd consider going plant-friendly! 

Cacaonut Sorbae

Our Cacaonut Sorbae is made with coconut milk that gives a rich, creamy texture just like dairy ice cream! It is topped with cacao nibs (crushed cocoa beans) which has a nutty profile with a bitter aftertaste that balances the sweet coconut flavour!

Crunchy Choc Sorbae

Our Crunchy Choc Sorbae is made with 70% dark Belgian chocolate with NO DAIRY! It's mixed with crushed vegan cones mixed with dark chocolate and crunchy peanut butter. Sinful yet guilt-free.

Nutty Banana Sorbae

Our banana sorbae is creamy and fragrant, just like the real thing! We use ripe Pisang Berangan (a type of banana breed). The sorbae is mixed with peanut butter cups, made from peanut butter and Belgian dark chocolate. 



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