ice cream


Each mooncake is delicately handcrafted
Conventional mooncakes can't feed your big family and guests?

We got you!

Our 7.5" supersized snow skin mooncake is made with Pistachio ice cream and paired with raspberry jelly on a crunchy Rocher base.

A showstopper to any dinner party.

We're back with 4 exciting flavours!

Matcha with Black Sesame Yolk

Matcha ice cream is paired with a black sesame and peanut chunks centre, and coated in passionfruit chocolate shell.

Unicorn with Raspberry Yolk

A refreshing combination of raspberry yoghurt and blue pea flower ice cream with a raspberry yolk centre.

Rocher with Crunchy Base

Rocher ice cream sits on top of a crunchy nutty base and is covered in strawberry chocolate shell.

Durian with Chocolate Yolk

Ever the crowd favourite, the fragrant D24 durian ice cream is balanced with dark chocolate ganache center.

4 piece box
Perfect for gifting, sharing
and parties!

Be the life of the party with the 4-piece mooncake box! 

Packed with a variety of mooncake flavours making it great for sharing and to cater to everyone’s tastebuds.

You get

1x Matcha

1x Unicorn
1x Rocher

1x Durian

2 piece box
Perfect for gifting or
to have it all by yourself!

Give the gift of mooncakes with the 2-piece mooncake box!


This fun-sized box is perfect for house visits or when you want to treat yourself. 

You get

1x Unicorn

1x Rocher



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