vegan at heart
Egg-free  .  Dairy-free  .  Gluten-free

Vegan at Heart is made of chocolate sorbet and dairy-free hazelnut mousse, covered in a dark Belgian chocolate shell and Valrhona strawberry velvet spray and with a toasted crunchy chocolate hazelnut base.

a mermaid's tale

The Mermaid's Tale is handcrafted out of Unicorn and Blueberry Yoghurt ice cream, separated by a layer of mixed berries jelly, on white chocolate crumble and vanilla sponge base, encased in vanilla mousse & white chocolate shell.


The Nutcase is the nuts lover's dream in a half sphere of whipped cream and honey roasted almonds. The mousse further covers our popular Peanut Buttercup and Valrhona Chocolate ice cream, which sits on a base of chocolate nut crunch.


Coated in whipped cream and glazed in chocolate, our classic cakes come in two ice cream flavours of your choice with alternating layers of sponge cake!

Standard Flavours:
| Durian (D24) | Valrhona Chocolate | Vanilla Bean |
| Salted Caramel | Peanut Butter Jelly | Nutty Nutella | 

*customizable up to 2 flavours


A half sphere of our decadent Rocher ice cream coated in milk chocolate mousse and glazed with milk chocolate shell and peanut chunks.

Rose cake

Coated in whipped cream and glazed with white chocolate, our signature ice cream flavours alternate with layers of sponge cake in this beautiful cake.

7 inch : Valrhona Chocolate + D24 Durian

5 inch : Valrhona Chocolate + Vanilla Bean


Our best selling Durian and Valrhona Chocolate ice cream covered with lightly torched meringue on top of a crunchy peanut base. 


Make parties a blast by topping your cake with
this fancy sparkler and “Happy Birthday” topper set!



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